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A Warm Welcome to Whiskey that Celebrates
the Now

We're here to represent the modern-day whiskey drinker.

To forge a new legacy and celebrate the strong, bold, young women and men from all backgrounds that achieve greatness everyday in their own way.

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About THIS Whiskey

A young, smooth tasting whiskey that drinks well above its age. It creates an experience that entices the palette and leaves you wanting more.

A blend of a Bourbon whiskey and Malt whiskey, with notes of vanilla and waffle cone to complement the caramel and spice in the blended base.

Enjoy a rich aroma of apricot and almond cream with a malted chocolate finish.

"We're changing the way you look at whiskey, think about whiskey and enjoy whiskey.
As a modern day whiskey drinker, I realized that there wasn't enough out there to represent and celebrate us, especially with all of the changes we've seen in whiskey industry in just the last 30 years alone. I decided it was time to forge a new legacy, one that focuses on celebrating the now.
- Abisola Abidemi, Owner & Founder


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